This is for my sisters just getting started with sharing your brilliance in the online space. I want to share some things you MUST know, because I learned this shit the hard way. That is the beauty of entrepreneurship, you learn as you go and each failure leads to a breakthrough.

Ok, get cozy and let’s dig in…

First, you don’t need a fancy sales funnel. Or a website, even. It can be so easy to get caught up in the strategy and systems. You’ll see someone else using Kajabi, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, whatever…and it’ll be shiny object syndrome every time. I remember spending countless hours learning different platforms, spending hundreds of dollars, when ultimately I didn’t have clarity yet on my brand foundation. It was a waste. The truth is you can walk your ideal client/customer through a journey (in other words, have them work with you) in a super easy fashion. Keep it simple.

Next, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to learn and grow. Your business evolution is your own and NOBODY¬†has the secret. Ultimately, you know what you need to do. If you need someone to help you take action, do it. If you need accountability, find it.

Hire that coach. Join that mastermind.

But please don’t dump all of your money into “THE course” or “THE program” for x,y,z.


On a similar note – if you need to learn HOW to do something, learn it. But for the love of chocolate, PLEASE implement this shit and don’t stay stuck in consumption mode. Take action.

Also, when you have a hit of inspiration and your energy is high, when that “thing” is keeping you up at night? ACT ON IT. Stop spinning in fear. Stop asking “what if.” Take the messy action (do you see a theme here?). Failure is inevitable and it’s necessary for you to find clarity on this journey.

Now let’s chat prices. I want you to understand that you do NOT need to trade money for your time. It’s simply an energetic exchange. This one might take some “learning the hard way.” Mastering your money mindset is crucial for your success. During this journey remember that:

when you value your expertise and your brilliance,
when you charge something for your product/service and it feels GOOD,
when you aren’t leaving yourself feeling burnt out and taken advantage of…

that’s when you’ve struck gold. Your pricing does not need to reflect the hours you’ll put into whatever you’re sharing. Your pricing needs to reflect the transformation you’re offering the other person.

Finally, remember that everything that is meant to be figured out, can and will be. You will find the answers to your question. You will get that clarity. Trust in YOUR motherfucking process. I promise that if you follow the nudges and act out of integrity, you will make this work.

Ok, I’ll jump off my soapbox – but know that I love you.

Now GO.

Do the thing.

And if you’ve been building your business for a while, I hope this served as a reminder and kick-in-the-ass for you too.

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