Hey sister, 

Do you want to stand out in the online space?
Do you wish you could ATTRACT your customers, clients and/or DREAM team members?
Do you hate icky sales tactics? 
Are you sick of leading with a product?
Not sure where to start with creating a personal brand? 

These tips are for you! I’m sharing the top ten things all entrepreneurs must consider when creating the foundation of their personal brand and presence online. Take notes, reflect on each one and share your takeaways! 






1. YOU are your brand and it’s a waste of time to keep up with a facade because you “think it will draw people in.” Your audience wants the real, raw YOU. 

2. Branding is more than pretty colors. Before you find the “perfect color pallet” ask yourself how you want your audience to FEEL when they see your content. 

3. Keep in mind that your brand will evolve as you do – and that’s OK.

4. Instead of asking yourself what will get people to buy from you, ask yourself – how is this serving my audience? 

5. TELL STORIES. You want your audience to relate to you. 

6. Create community and comrade. People love to feel involved, heard and valued. 

7. Re-purpose your content and tailor it for each platform to keep consistency in your brand.

8. Stick with the same fonts, colors and photo filters on your content.

9. You don’t have to have a perfect brand before you SHOW UP. 

10. If you hate it, or it’s take too much of your precious time – outsource it. This goes for everything in your business. 



Is it time for you to show up powerfully? Let’s work together to create your magical brand. 

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