For the last eighteen months I’ve been wearing Connor in his baby carrier. Everyday while he naps at least 1-2 hours, giving me the freedom to be fully present in my work.

And if I look back on this, I realize that 90% of this time has been spent pouring my heart into my business.


I’ve nearly tripled my income in the last three months and from the outside looking in it might have seemed like it happened over night.

The truth is I’ve put a fuck ton of work in to be where I’m at. And along the way I’ve made a million “mistakes” (truly just lessons learned).

Despite every obstacle, flopped launch and post I’ve made that got crickets (except for my mom, you’re the real VIP)…

I NEVER gave up.


Because my purpose is so much bigger than myself.

When Connor was born I became fully committed to giving him everything in my power, while designing the life I want for him and our family.

I made a commitment to lead by example, because someday I know HE will be doing big things in this world. And I want him to be confident in stepping up to the plate.

The best part? Along the way I fell in love with helping women step into their purpose, too.

It became an addiction in the most beautiful way.

Sure, it meant learning to create boundaries around my time (something I still have to work on).

Sure, it meant that in the beginning I had to sacrifice a lot.

Sure, I spent way too much time dabbling and learning systems that I never implemented.

Sure, there were times that financial security was a laughable concept.

Sure, my business has pivoted half a dozen times.

But I honestly wouldn’t change a second of it. The tears, the self doubt, the frustration, the bliss, the freedom, the abundance…

It has all been part of my process and I wouldn’t have wanted it to go any other way.

This journey teaches me every day more and more about


and everything in between. It shows me the beautiful side of fear.

All of the lessons I’ve learned are the fuel for everything I share with you. So I can help you experience less pain, confusion and self doubt.

So I can help you step into your purpose with confidence.

So I can promise you this is a path that you never have to walk alone.

Trust me sister, entrepreneurship is a wild ride but you’re not alone. And it’s 100% worth it if you’re committed.

Keep going. You got this.

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