Every time I talk to an aspiring entrepreneur, or a women in business who is pivoting directions I am reminded that we always need to practice releasing perfectionism in business. The truth is that you are going to fuck up in your business. And the even harder truth is that you’re going to do it over, and over and over again.

When I was starting my business I thought everything had to be perfect. I thought I needed to have a polished website, fancy sales funnels, professional videos, you name it. I would spend hours and hours DIYing the backend pieces of my business because I thought those were the things that would make me money. I was so hung up on measuring up to women in my industry that had been in the game for years. The beautiful realization I had, after getting wildly frustrated that this approach wasn’t working, was that I was massively wrong. In fact, I needed to STOP being perfect.

Sugar coating my shit (my content, my social media, all of the things) was just leaving my audience unsure and bored. They didn’t know if they could trust me, because I wasn’t showing up as a human.


are a 

Business woman,

And the moment I started to show up imperfectly online, with my child climbing all over me during my live videos, with my hair a mess & my PJ bottoms below my camera angle…

The moment I admitted to myself and to my audience that I didn’t know all of the answers – but that I could and WOULD figure them out.

The moment I promised to always be true to myself, my beliefs and my hardships, was the moment that my business shifted.

I had women telling me I was inspiration to them because I allowed myself to be seen as the imperfect mom that I am. I had entrepreneurs in my industry asking me how I use my time to get everything done, while still having time to honor myself. I had my family curious on what suddenly shifted in my success, because I wasn’t asking to borrow money anymore (LOL, that’s some real honest shit right there). 

How are you showing up HALF ASS in your business? 
Why are you just dipping your toes into the water? 
What would happen if you were just YOURSELF?

I promise you that it is safe to be you. I promise that your message, the one that is unique to you, is so needed. So please, show up. Be yourself and shine your light – the world needs. it. 


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