Natural Mama Toolkit

I firmly believe that every mother deserves to feel empowered with her own wellness AND have the resources she needs on hand for her family. When my son was born I was overwhelmed by the countless baby gadgets, the flooded opinions of others and society’s idea of “normal.”

I have always been a bit of a “hippie” at heart and when I experienced essential oils for first time I felt so aligned with their power. I quickly fell in love and realized shortly after that my purpose lies in sharing my natural mama education with mothers who are open to a different way of life – an empowered way of life. 


When I coach women on sustainability the key aspect to it all is having a foundation of wellness. These tools are an aspect of this and I am so happy to be able to share them because they have opened so many doors for me and my family.

In this toolkit I want to share exactly how I have discovered a lifestyle of pure bliss, having mother nature as my sidekick. Ultimately I want you to know that my vision for you is incredibly bright. I have certainty that these tools can and will change your life in a variety of ways. And I am right here beside you.

So let’s dig in…


First in the toolkit is the home essentials collection from doTERRA. This is a kit that gives you the baseline of essential oils that you can use for so many things including physical health, emotional well being and spiritual support.

The home essentials are what led me on this journey and I know that with these tools you’ll have everything to begin experiencing some major changes! You will have the top ten essential oils and a diffuser, at a truly incredible afforable value (literally pennies per drop).

Some of the ways I use the oils in this kit are:

-feeling balanced and grounded (goodbye mama stress)

-my self care practices

-first aid and health (upset tummies, bumps & bruises, sore muscles, immune system strengthening and more)

-beauty routines

-uplifting my mood when mom life gets crazy (do you feel me?)


In addition to this collection I want you to know about a few more of my “mama must haves” as part of your Natural Mama Toolkit…

Motivate: This blend comes in a convenient roll on bottle and it’s perfect for those days that you just feel exhausted (and maybe coffee isn’t doing the trick). I love to apply this directly to the back of my neck and take a big deep breath in the morning or when I’m feeling really run down. It’s also perfect for getting your family out the door!


Serenity: How does having a restful night with peaceful sleep sound? I started using this blend every night in the diffuser and it works wonders. I also love to put a little on the bottoms of Connors feet when he is being the free spirited child he is (I love his enthusiasm but sometimes mama just wants to rest).


On Guard Concentrate: In being a natural mama rising it’s important to look at the toxic load in your life. The thing is, almost everything today is filled with chemicals and synthetic fragrances – and these things all effect our well being. To replace most of the household products you use on a regular basis (all purpose cleaners, soaps etc) this is the easiest transition you can make! Forget the DIY recipes, just add some of this to water and you have a highly effective and SAFE cleaning product with a multitude of uses.


I could recommend a bunch of other wonderful oils, blends and natural products but this is truly everything you need in your Natural Mama Toolkit to get started! And I know, it might be a lot to take in right now. This is where I come in for you, mama!

This toolkit is just the beginning of a lifestyle and I will be here to walk you through this process…

Natural Mama Toolkit Steps

Step one is to create your wholesale account to receive 25% off of these tools (and some other incredible perks) – you’ll just need to add the Home Essentials Kit and the other products I mentioned to your cart.

You can watch this simple how-to video if you’d like! Here is a cheat sheet for you! Your subtotal (US) will be $334.50. This waives the wholesale fee and you will get an entire year of wholesale pricing with your account! 

There is no further obligation for you to continue purchasing but chances are you will become slightly obsessed like I did when you start to see the changes and you start to FEEL the empowerment that comes with having this toolkit.

Then, you’ll get on a connection call with me! Once your order is set up I will send you an email including a link to schedule a time for us to chat on the phone. This is your time to get support from me in exploring this lifestyle. Bring your questions and expect to feel incredibly confident and POWERFUL after our time together.

I am so excited for you mama! This natural mama toolkit has been the catalyst of change in my life and I cannot wait to see what unfolds for you too! You are about to make the best investment for you and your family.

ps. I also recommend you get some fractionated coconut oil on hand to dilute your oils for safe use! Don’t worry, you’ll learn how to use all of these tools easily once they’re in your home. I just suggest you have this for when your order comes in so you can use the oils on your skin right away with ease. 

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