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Calandra is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, coach, and designer who helps visionary women stand out with confidence in the online space. She supports creative entrepreneurs with visual design that attracts their ideal clients and teaches them how to fully embody their purpose. 

Calandra started her entrepreneurial journey in network marketing as a health coach before her son was born. Shortly after giving birth she decided maternity leave wasn’t going to cut it (how can we expect moms to return to work after just a few short months?). She wanted to be a full time mom while also making a full time income, so she left her fears behind her and started coaching women on a similar path. 

Her first year as an online entrepreneur consisted of failing forward, doing the deep inner work necessary to build her confidence, and getting crystal clear on her purpose. It was messy, it was imperfect, and it required the kind of resilience that only entrepreneurs truly understand. 

Calandra has since created a live-able, full time income pursuing her passion projects. Between supporting women through business coaching and consultation, to designing gorgeous graphics, to sharing her knowledge and expertise, Calandra created her dream life starting from ground zero (with her baby boy in his kangaroo pouch, stealing the show in her videos).

Calandra is on a mission to help hundreds of women amplify their purpose driven businesses, too. 

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