Lavish Self Love


The truth is, everything we do in our lives is a reflection of our own well being. As women especially, if we’re feeling unworthy or burnt out we can’t live up to the best version of ourselves.

Speaking from my own personal experience, when I had low self worth and didn’t value my well being, everything else in my life took a turn for the worst. I didn’t know how to honor my energy or look in the mirror with appreciation. I was constantly feeling run down and every area of my life suffered the consequences. My relationships, my finances and my health.

When I invested in my personal development and began using my spiritual tools, I discovered that all changes have to start within. I had to begin loving myself in order to shift the rest of my life.

The crazy part? It worked.

And I want to share my process of finding lavish self love you because I know you are really f**king incredible, and it’s time for you to recognize it too.

I created the Lavish Self Love guide for women who want to truly discover self-love, who are ready to invest in their emotional well being, who are ready to trust that they deserve to love themselves, who would thrive with support and guidance.

This guide is designed to walk you through a three week transformation leaving you feeling:

  • confident
  • radiant
  • abundant
  • connected
  • powerful

You will find self love affirmations, tips on incorporating self love into your daily routine with ease, a road map to releasing limiting beliefs, and resources to empower you in using your own spiritual tools.

You can access Lavish Self Love when you order an Aromatherapy Kit! There are three kits available that work with this guide when you create a wellness advocate account here.

  •  Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused includes the essential oil blends plus a diffuser (best value)
  •  Emotional Aromatherapy System  includes the essential oil blends in 5ml bottles (does not include diffuser)
  • Emotional Aromatherapy Touch includes the essential oil blends combined with fractionated coconut oil in 10ml roll on bottles (for topical use only)

If you’d like to connect before you order your kit, I’d be happy to help guide you! Book a discovery call and we’ll decide if this is a good fit for you.

After your account is created and your order is processed you’ll receive an email with direct access to your Lavish Self Love guide and our private support group on Facebook.

This is your time to step into your brilliance, own your worth and start loving yourself! Magic happens when you do!

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