When you’re growing a heart centered business it can feel like you’re sitting on a rollercoaster that is flipping you upside down and then dropping you 30 feet. The funny thing is, I hate rollercoasters in the literally sense but entrepreneurship and this wild ride is a different story. It’s the thrill of the unknown, the uncertainty and the constant push outside of my comfort zone that I love the most. 

This week I was prompted to touch on the subject of creating security and freedom in business when a sister inside Purpose Beyond Perfection poured her heart out to us. She expressed her desire to rework her business model, to follow her soul’s calling…but she was hitting a wall when it came to feeling safe enough to do so. 

I’ve had this pit feeling in my stomach before, more times than I can count. In the beginning of my business I spent months launching offers and hearing crickets. I was constantly redesigning sales pages and completely deleting programs I had outlined. Nothing I did felt fully aligned with what I wanted. 

Here’s what I learned – business isn’t about what you do.

It’s not about the strategy.

It’s not about the 10k months or the six figure launches (most of which are bullshit anyways). 

Business is about energy. 

Yup! Just like everything else in the world, your business holds its own energetic frequency. And as I learned the hard way – your energy will either pour positive energy into your business or it will pour fear and frustration into your business. 

If you’re tilting your head right now and thinking “what the actual hell is this chick talking about?” stay with me here. 

Sit back in your seat for a moment, take a big deep breath, and think about a time that you experienced internal panic around money. This could be:

an overdraft hitting your bank account,

your card being declined in the checkout at the grocery store,

or the sinking feeling of not being able to make an investment your soul craved.

Can you feel that? (If you can’t think of a time you experienced a feeling like this, you’re probably lying to yourself. Let’s cook up some raw honesty here sister.) 

I know that I personally could write a book for you with the amount of times I’ve felt this way. If you don’t know my story, I started my business while I was on maternity leave, with zero plan. Our family struggled hard core for the first twelve months of my son’s life. We had to borrow money from family, our phones kept getting shut off, and at one point I begged my partner to let me sell my car so we could “just get by for a little while.” 

The moment that turned everything around in my business was the moment I allowed myself the permission to create security and freedom. Over the years dabbling in entrepreneurship I learned a boat load of skills. Designing websites from the ground up, customizing sales funnels, navigating email marketing platforms. You name it. And when my business was barely making ends meet, when I had some money coming in (but not nearly enough) I decided that I was going to create the feelings that aligned with where I wanted to be. 

I knew exactly how I wanted to feel. I wanted to be able to pour my creativity and passion into my business, without having to think twice about whether or not we’d be able to cover our baseline expenses. 

So, being the resourceful (and stubborn) woman I am I packaged up my skills and presented them in a pretty purple bow to a handful of women I had formed connections with. I offered to do VA (virtual assistant) tasks, with MFing confidence. 

Let me bring you back to that energy concept I mentioned above. I started out: fearful, stuck in scarcity, in total lack mindset. Until I decided: I would make lemonade out of the most sour fucking lemons. And rock the hell out of it. 

Why? Because I recognized that if I continued down this path of struggle I was literally never going to attract clients who were eager to work with me. WHY? Because sister friend – your energy matters. 

The pit feeling you just experienced in your stomach a minute ago? That is what your audience feels when you’re stuck in this mental state of fear. One look at your social media post and I promise you, they can tell. If you’re always worried about money, if you’re trying to “get ahead” but you feel like you’re drowning…I get it. And I know exactly what that’s like. 

That is why I am sharing this with you today. I want you to give yourself permission to create security and freedom for yourself, however that makes sense for you. Maybe you’ll market your skills differently, maybe you’ll go back to a “real job” until you have a solid biz foundation, maybe you’ll finally follow that llttle voice in your head telling you to do the big scary thing. Whatever it is, just know that you are safe sister. You will figure it out. You have everything you need right now to make something for yourself. 


If you’re craving more support with this, head over to our free Facebook group and connect with other likeminded business women for guidance (or a shoulder to lean on). You’re not in this alone! 

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