The world is changing…

Awareness is growing, people are becoming more empowered with their choices. We are paving an alternative path….are you open to a different, more vibrant lifestyle? 

Holistic wellness has always been important to me. I had no idea what a key role essential oils would play in this until I brought them into my life.

My own journey with oils began after years of resisting the investment. I always viewed essential oils as a luxury commodity, but now they serve so many purposes in my day to day life.


What do I use them for? 

My spiritual practice

Enhancing my focus while I work

Reducing stress + anxiety

Maintaining good health + warding off sickness

Replacing toxic products in my home (detergents, cleaners, soaps etc)

Helping with digestion

Self care rituals (baths, massages, skin care etc)

Relieving aches + pains


Promoting restful nights

…and so much more!

When I ordered my essential oils I had zero intention of building residual income by sharing them. After two months of playing with my introductory kit and adding to my collection each month, I felt a burning passion to help other women use the oils for themselves and their families!

How do you get started with essential oils? 

Beginning your journey with the oils is simple –

Sign up as a wholesale customer to receive 25% off, earn rewards points and qualify for the product of the month. You can either pay the $35 membership fee ($25 yearly renewal) or order an enrollment kit (waiving the membership fee)..

What about the enrollment kits? 

There are many options to choose from and depending on your needs the kit you order will vary. My suggestion is to start with the Home Essentials Kit as this is the kit I started with! It gives you a diffuser, the top ten oils and proprietary blends, and serves all universal wellness needs.

When it all started…

The defining moment that changed everything for me was the night my son woke up at 1am screaming in pain from gas. He was 7 months old at the time and this had happened many times before. I knew the scream well and in the past nothing I did helped. I tried burping him, rubbing his belly, feeding him, bathing him in warm water…everything.


I recalled seeing a post on social media about DigestZen, one of the oil blends that came in my Home Essentials Kit. I grabbed some coconut oil, diluting a drop of DigestZen and gently rubbed his belly clockwise. Less than 5 minutes later and the gas bubble passed. His screaming stopped, he finally eased into nursing and he slept the rest of the night peacefully. I was literally brought to tears and my heart filled with gratitude. If you’re a mom, you know how horrible it is to feel helpless when your child is in pain, even if it’s just from a little gas.  That was it – in addition to the multitude of ways the oils had helped me personally, in this moment I decided I had to share the power of these natural tools.

I began plugging into my Goddess Boss team and soaking up the support from my sisters in our private community. My history in network marketing had kept me at bay, resisting in building an essential oil business…but this company and movement was different. I felt the pull on an energetic level and that was all I needed!


What about building residual income with doTERRA? I’ll start off with saying that building an essential oil business is not for everyone! I strongly believe that you must feel fully in alignment to grow a thriving business.

If you are eager to…

– have a flexible income earning opportunity

– work with a supportive team of women

– create lasting impact in other’s lives

– play bigger in your life and create a business that lights you up

the Goddess Bosses team may be right for you! We are soul centered women with big messages in our hearts, sharing our stories with the world authentically.  I’d be happy to chat with you about your wildest dreams!


If you’d like to get a feel for our global Goddess Bosses team before we connect, watch this exclusive sneak peek call! You’ll learn that we are not your average network marketing team – we do things a little differently.







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