I love collaborating with other women in the online space. As an entrepreneur it can get downright lonely sometimes and building connections are, in my opinion, the best way to grow and *ahem* keep our sanity.

When a gorgeous friend of mine asked me to join a community of people healing their chakras over a series of seven months I was honored and truthfully a little uncomfortable because although chakras have always been interesting to me, I haven’t spent much time studying them.

She asked that I speak to the group about using essential oils and it was the perfect time for me to dig into my knowledge more and explore my collection on a deeper level. It turns out I had been intuitively using my oils to ground my chakras all along!

When I tell women to trust their intuition with selecting essential oils, this is what I’m always keeping in mind. We know exactly what we need and the best thing we can do, is to trust that.

In this video, shared on Youtube, I went over my experience with using essential oils to ground my root chakra. I shared some basic tips on how to use them and of course, my little human helped shoot the video – handing me oils and making a mess of our living room.

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Enjoy! Thank you for watching!



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