Done For You Design

The easiest way to make your brand truly STAND OUT.

Does design work give you a major headache in your business?

I talk with so many entrepreneurs every day that are spending their precious time and energy on design work and feel like they’re getting nowhere. Does this sound like you?

The truth is you should be spending your time on the parts of your business that excite you – and if design isn’t one of them, I’m here for you sister!

Along my journey as an entreprenuer in the online space I’ve learned a few things…

1) Images that stand out really DO matter.

2) Most people dread creating these.

3) I’m really f**king good at it!

That’s what I’m here to help you with – and this is your space to see what’s already done for you. If you’d like to connect 1:1 to explore custom work, book a connection call with me!


Each of these pre-designed logos is finished and waiting for YOUR business! To grab the one you love most leave: 1) your business name and 2) specify “Logo #___” in the notes. 

I’ll send you an email within 48hrs of your purchase with your beautiful new logo.

Calandra’s Top 10 Branding Tips

1. YOU are your brand…

and it’s a waste of time to keep up with a facade because you “think it will draw people in.” Your audience wants the real, raw YOU. 

2. Branding is more than pretty colors.

Before you find the “perfect color pallet” ask yourself how you want your audience to FEEL when they see your content. 


3. Know it’s going to change…

It’s importnant to keep in mind that your brand will evolve as you do – and that’s OK.

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