Let’s face it, a massive part of your business is standing out in the online space.

Chances are you’re spending countless hours:

trying to create graphics for social media,

updating your cover photos constantly,

creating PDFs for your offers,

trying to get your sales pages to keep your audience interested,

struggling to look professional because you’re DIYing your design…

and all of that time is taking away from your TRUE brilliance!

That’s where I come in for you sister! My job is to fully embody my clients branding and turn their vision into graphic design magic.

Designer In your pocket is an exclusive offer that I am sharing with the soul centered entrepreneur that needs someone as her right hand woman to take over the graphic design in her business.

You’ll have me every month to help you attract your dream clients and radiate everything your business has to offer!

This opportunity is only available for three women and spots are going to be gone in the blink of an eye.

If you’re ready to outsource one of the MOST important aspects of your business so you can dedicate your time to fully serving your clients,

If you’re ready to stand out and look professional – CONSISTENTLY,

then this is for you my friend.

To lock in your spot, book a connection call with me so we can make sure we’re 100% aligned to work together – and let’s watch the magic unfold!

Your Investment

$1333 monthly retainer

CANNOT recommend Calandra enough – DO NOT DIY the things you’re not good at – you will save time, energy, AND money (and get better clients, because your stuff will look GOOD) by just HIRING her in the beginning. Take my word for it.”

-Britt Bolnick, In Arms Coaching

 I just want to take a moment here and just say what a spectacular experience I’m having with Calandra Martin!

I bought her all-inclusive branding package where she’s currently in the process of branding my social media imagery and web site.

Let me just say, it is such a relief having someone outside of myself look at the content I’ve been putting out there for months and see the over-arching theme!

She has been remarkable at taking an intangible concept in my mind and showing me what it looks like visually, and even from my perspective, she’s able to capture the nuances of my personality into my brand as well! It’s been a fabulous run of an experience and I look forward to continuing our work together. 

-Rose Marie James, Soul Mentor

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