Does your website convert? If you’re DIYing your website or thinking about hiring a designer you’ll want to pay attention to these key things as your site is coming together. You’re putting a lot of time, energy and money into your website. I’m guessing you’d like it to work for you, right? 

1. Have massive clarity around:

– Your audience. Who are you speaking to in your web copy? What is your audience looking for when they come to your site? 

– The call to action. Maybe you have a freebie or an awesome resource you’re going to welcome your audience with – get crystal clear on the first steps a person landing on your site will take. Pro tip: lead them to your mailing list so you can stay connected with them!  

– What value you’ll be providing. If someone is on your site it’s important that you give them what I like to cal “quick wins.” The content on your site should be valuable! Are you writing awesome blog posts? Sharing your Youtube channel? Directing them to your FB group? 

2. Keep it simple.

Your website shouldn’t be so confusing that someone landing there for the first time gets lost. Do you have more than 6 pages on your primary menu? That’s probably too many sister! You know that feeling you get when you go to a restaurant and the menu has so many options to choose from that you feel overwhelmed? You don’t want to create those feelings for your audience – that is when they click away and your conversions go out the window! 

3. Make it pretty. 

I know “your business is more than pretty pictures” but the truth is when your website isn’t professionally put together, it translates into how your audience perceives your business. You want your website to be cohesive and beautiful. Agree? 

4. Click through.

Picture this – you land on a website for the first time, you see an awesome free offer that you’re dying to get your hands on…and it takes you 20 minutes just to get to the juicy content. Remember how I mentioned “quick wins”? When you have anything on your website that is taking your audience to something (like a free offer) it’s important to pay attention to the number of times they have to “click-through.” Do your “sign me up!” or “subscribe now” buttons take your audience on a wild goose chase? Multiple time consuming pages? Yikes. We live in a fast paced world sister – do yourself a favor and set your website up to convert by keeping click-throughs short and simple. 

5. Frequent opt ins.

It’s important to be strategic on your “social media follow” and opt in buttons on your site. How can you place these throughout your site so that your audience sees them multiple times? If your website is going to work for you, give your audience the opportunity (as many times as you can) to stalk you! 

6. Navigation.

If you think about it, there’s a very strong chance your audience will be viewing your site on their phones. If that’s the case (and even when it isn’t) it’s important to make navigation simple and easy. One of the best tools you can add to your site is a “scroll up” button – this allows someone to go back to the top as they’re reading through longer pages. Also consider having menus throughout your site, or keep a fixed navigation bar on your site. 

Phew, I know that was a lot to think about! If you’re feeling like all of these things are beyond your bandwidth, ask for help! Additionally I encourage you to break these tips into smaller, bite-sized, pieces. Start with one page at a time if you have to. Have fun with designing your website and always keep your audience in mind. 

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