Do you remember when you were a little girl and you had really expansive dreams? Maybe you wanted to be an actress, maybe you had dreams of traveling, or maybe you were passionate about becoming a doctor…

These dreams would make your family laugh at your excitement and say things like, “that’s great honey” or “wow, that’s such an *wince* incredible dream you have there.”

And it was “cute” for a little while…

But do you remember when at some point in your life those big dreams started to feel silly? When people started to judge you for wanting them in the first place?

I do…

When I was a little girl I was obsessed with giving back to everyone in need. I would sit in my room with music on, dump my huge change jar on the floor and count out every penny, adding it up so I could donate it to whatever cause I was learning about at the time. Usually that was homeless animals (I can’t even count the number of times I begged my parents to drive me to the animal shelter so I could visit the dogs).

I would even write letters to celebrities in hopes of them hearing my outcry to change things like poverty, animal welfare and so much more…I just wanted to make a BIG impact.

But somewhere along the line I learned that if I was going to survive in the “real world” I needed to work hard and settle for what the majority of society does. Go to work and pay bills.

I stopped allowing myself to be creative. No more crafts or dancing just because. Less time outside in nature and more time studying and memorizing facts to get ahead.

I forgot how to have fun. I also forgot my dreams because I didn’t think they were realistic…

After my first year in college (actually, before it was even over) I left. I had found myself spending more time writing business plans that would allow me freedom than I was writing essays and studying for tests.  

Suddenly I was secretly obsessed with becoming a business owner. I kept it quiet because I was soooo scared that people would tell me it was a ridiculous idea. Instead I followed a path of jumping from job to job – miserable because I lost focus of what I LOVED.

After two years of this endless cycle I fell into network marketing and became a health coach. I wanted to improve my health…but as a result of joining the company I got bit by the entrepreneur bug all over again.

I started to SEE what was possible.

I started to FEEL better about myself.

I started to DREAM again.

After spending nearly two years learning everything I could about building a network marketing business and digging deep into my own personal development I started to understand a few things.

I was never going to settle for relying on working for someone else.

I’m actually not passionate about fitness, but I AM passionate about helping people.

I needed to change my mindset if I was going to change my situation.

Ultimately I left my health coaching business. My son was born in the Spring of 2017 and I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I wanted to help women in a more expansive way. It was time to have a true impact.

One day I just LEAPED.

I can be kind of impulsive like that.

I closed my Beachbody account with no idea where money was going to come from. My other half was working tirelessly to pay our bills and I was terrified that we wouldn’t make ends meet…

Being the stubborn, strong willed woman that I am I refused to send my son to daycare full time. I wanted to watch him grow up (and he wouldn’t have it any other way). I launched my coaching business and failed forward for six months before my hobby actually became a business.

And here I am today, doing work I love. All of the expansive dreams I thought were lost forever came bubbling to the surface and I have literally manifested a lifestyle that finally allows me to pursue my passion projects.

Today I’m leading women to do the same.

Is it time to step into your power sister?

Is it time to start dreaming again?

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